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Nicky Hayden 69

A community dedicated to the Kentucky Kid.

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Chasin' A Dream..
Nicholas Patrick Hayden (born July 30, 1981 in Owensboro, Kentucky), also known as The Kentucky Kid, is an American professional motorcycle racer who has been racing motorcycles throughout most of his life.
Nicky Hayden facts.

Welcome to NickyHayden69, a community dedicated to the youngest ever AMA superbike champion, future current MotoGP world champion of 2006 and 2 time Laguna Seca victor, the Kentucky Kid: Nicky Hayden.
Here you can post anything and everything Nicky Hayden related, just follow the few rules we have set.

[1] Stay on topic. Off topic posts will be deleted. This includes posts with tenuous links to Nicky.
[2] No Nicky bashing. This will get you an immediate ban. If you don't like him, go find some place else to piss and moan.
[3] No advertising unless it relates to Nicky or MotoGP.
[4] ALL race, qualifying and practice results and timing sheets must be placed under an LJ cut unless 24 hours have passed since the quali/race. Posts giving away results will be deleted.
[5] Post all large images or posts behind a cut. Anything with a width bigger than 350 pixels'll mess with the layout.
[6] Be nice and civil towards other members. If there's a problem, contact one of the two mods. I do not want drama in the comm.

Nina. 18. London, UK. Hayden fan since 2003. Motorsports fan for 10+ years.
If you need to contact me, send emails to megalolz@livejournal.com

Ruushki. 20. Perth, Australia. An avid Hayden and MotoGP fan.
Contact: trulli_moo_moo @ hotmail.com


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