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Nicky drawing

Hi fellow Nicky fans,

I only got into MotoGP last year which is a bit weird since I've been a fan of motorcycles for as long as I can remember, but yeah, my love for that sport is still fresh. And of course I became a Nicky fan right away.

I recently got back into being creative, and of course I decided to make a drawing of our boy which I would like to share with you. Mind you, it's my first attempt at drawing him, I haven't drawn anything, let alone people/portraits, in AGES ...

Here it is - as drawn by Yours Truly.

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Comments are highly appreciated.
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not really nicky-related

just thought some of you might tolerate me: got to meet earl hayden this weekend at the AMA superbike races at mid-ohio this weekend. he said i have a good handshake! i bought an Earl's Racing Team shirt from him, and nicky's sister rang me up for it. (younger sister, i think.) didn't spot nicky, unfortunately, but i was looking for him. roger had a couple of issues but acquitted himself well on track, and tommy finished nicely. the boys' cousin, hayden gillim, completely ran away with the rookies' cup!

okay, i'm finished squealing. i have tickets for the indianapolis GP, but i have a scheduling conflict that prevents me from going :( which sucks. but next summer i will be living close to the west coast, so laguna seca, here i come. and then i will *definitely* meet nicky. it is my stated goal.
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[SPORT] MotoGP » JT; world supers

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Right, season's back time to start updating this community again.
I apologize for failing to update during the first race.

Hayden to ride 1909 Indian at Indy!
Wednesday, 19th March 2008

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Hayden: You can't beat wild weekend.
Saturday, 22nd March 2008
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